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lecture of christian sumi at the IUAV, Venice, 13th of february

fragments of modern

master seminar of christian sumi at the IUAV, Venice, 11th of february

buchen statt boxen

article by h.arnet about the conversion of the ancient "stadthalle" in the headquarter of "schweiz tourismus", in tagesanzeiger, 01.02.2019

Der Grapevine von Konrad Wachsmann

lecture of christian sumi at the University of Karlsruhe, 23th of january 2019

case milanesi

conversation about Milanse houses, 1923-1973, with christian sumi at the ciclo di incontri, milano, an event organised by FAI, 16th of december 2018

gotthard - landschaft, mythen, typologie

exhibition "der gotthard; landschaft, mythen, typologie", at "Turm zur Katz", an initative of the "Architekturforum KonstanzKreuzlingen", december 15th 2018 - january 15th, 2019

spekulatives denken

article about the work of konrad wachsmann and the interpretation of the grapevine-structure done by m. burkhalter and ch. sumi, article by u.meyer in german-architects

konrad wachsmann, the grapevine structure

lecture of christian sumi at the professorship Staufer & Hasler at TU Wien, Vienna, 07th of november


casabella laboratorio presents a visit of the grapevine structure with christian sumi and marco pogacnik, venice, la biennale, giardini, october 17th, 2018, 11h

Konrad Wachsmann und die Grapevine-Struktur

lecture of christian sumi at the professorship Studio Esch at BFH-AHB, Burgdorf, 27th of september

Holz - atmosphärisch dichter

lecture of yves schihin at the conference circle "Stadt aus Holz" as a megatrend at Wüest+Partner, Zürich, 13th of june

preview 16th Biennale

preview of the 16th Biennale in Venice with the grapewine structure of Konrad Wachsmann, build by burkhalter sumi

Holz gewinnt

lecture of yves schihin at the Holzbautag 2018 in Biel, 17th of may

Holz - sinnliche Dichte

lecture of yves schihin at the Renggli Fachevent in Schötz LU as key-note speaker, 3rd of may

tettonica e gestalt

lecture of christian sumi, at politecnico di milano, scoula del design, aula castiglioni, via giuseppe candiani 72, february 23rd, 2018

die stadthalle erwacht bald

article by m.pestalozzi, in swiss-architects.com, 16.02.18

durch den tunnel in die jugendstilhalle

article by h.arnet about the conversion of the ancient "stadthalle" in the headquarter of "schweiz tourismus", in tagesanzeiger, 10.02.18


swiss talks 3/4, with christian sumi and elli mosayebi (emi architekten), in casabella laboratorio - via marco polo 13, milano, september 25th, 2017, 18.30h

competition, sihlmatten, adliswil

1.prize, mai 2017, client: zürich ag, in collaboration with krebsundherde landscape architects

competition ghiringhelli, bellinzona

1.prize, september 2017 client: helsana ag

thinking varese

lecture of marianne burkhalter, at Varese, fai villa e collezione panza, piazza litta 1, 21h, june 14th, 2017

presentazione del libro

"lo spettacolo dell'architettura" a cura di maria cristina loi, christian sumi, annalisa viati navone, at Milano, ordine degli architetti di milano, via solferino 19, 20.45h, june 13th, 2017


exhibition "sections", at Initiative Architektur, Salzburg, mai 24th - july 12th, 2017, with a conférence of Marco Pogagnic, mai 23th

die veranda mit dem nachbarn teilen

article by christoph renn, in St.Galler Tagblatt, 17.05.17

competition waldacker, st. gall

1.prize, mai 2017, client; obg st.gall in collaboration with previs, bern; renggli, sursee; smc, winterthur; appert zwahlen, cham 3-plan, winterthur; hänny, st.gall

Grossmassstäbliche Aufstockung in Holz

lecture of yves schihin at the "Holzbautag" in the house of congress, Biel, mai 11th, 2017

competition study, school, adliswil

1.prize, march 2017, client; city of adliswil in collaboration with bro für bauökonomie, lucerne; planikum, zürich; lauber engineering, lucerne, pzm, zürich;


lecture of christian sumi, at University di Venezia, april 10th, 2017

Schöne Aussichten auf dem Oberdeck

article by lila glanzmann about the timber house in affoltern, in Sonntagszeitung, 02.04.17

Wohnen über den Dächern

discussion with francesco della casa, hans jörg fuhr, patric furrer, daniel kurz and yves schihin, about the potential of urban densification with vertical increase, in "werk, bauen + wohnen", 1/2 ...

burkhalter sumi architectes

lecture of christian sumi, at the Centre Suisse à Paris, France, november 8th, 2016

release monographic book

release monograph book about the work of burkhalter sumi architekten, with essays from Jacques Lucan and Marco Pogagcnik, with the contribution of Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

burkhalter sumi_lezioni di architettura

lecture of marianne burkhalter, at the Aula magna, palazzo canvese, AAM Mendrisio, CH, november 3rd, 2016, 19.30h

be constructive

lecture of marianne burkhalter, "be constructive", in the circle of the "Departementsvorträge", Gebäude HIL, Auditorium E4, ETH Hönggerberg, CH, october 18th, 2016

W.A.V.E. / rino levi

video about the superblock (competition) of rino levi for brazilia, showed at the w.a.v.e. summer school with Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi, at the IUAV, Venice,


summer school with Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi, at the IUAV, Venice,


lecture of yves schihin, at the Palazzo Magnani, Bologna, Italy, june 24th, 2016

here is there

lecture of christian sumi, at the School of Architecture München, Germany, june 9th, 2016

ground breaking ceremony

murg area in frauenfeld


lecture of marianne burkhalter at Initiative Architektur, at the "Künstlerhaus", Salzburg, Austria, March 15th, 2016

la gare d'austerlitz

lecture of christian sumi at the european workshop "la gare d'austerlitz", at the School of Architecture Val de Seine, Paris, France, February 23th, 2016

Crissier veut transformer...

article by c.banerjee-din about the new center for crissier, in 24h, 12.02.14

lecture - wood constructions - china

lecture of christian sumi; burkhalter sum architects - wood constructions", at the School of Architecture SEU, Nanjing, China, January 19th, 2016

lecture - housing - china

lecture of christian sumi; burkhalter sum architects - housing", at the School of Architecture SEU, Nanjing, China, January 18th, 2016

lecture - rethinking Le Corbusier - china

lecture of christian sumi; "rethinking Le Corbusier", at the inauguration ceremony of the Research Center for Architectural Theory, Shanghai, China, January 17th, 2016

key's hand-over in Uitikon

In November 2015 the twin houses in Uitikon have been achieved on time and with cost compliance...

strawsticks and bricks

lecture of christian sumi at the "serate di architettura"; "housing", at ordine architetti di milano, november 26th, 2015

details; architecture seen in section

exhibition "details; architecture seen in section", at Paris Belleville, Paris, november 5th, 2015

ground breaking ceremony

timber house in affoltern

competition Witikon ZH

1.prize, november 2015, in collaboration with planikum landscape architects and Beat Lauber timber engineering, client; privat

ground breaking ceremony

Saurer Werk 2, Baufeld F

pile up warsaw

interview by r.ostrowski with yves schihin, about the urban densification in wood project in the city of warsaw with high tech timber, in "eurobuild", 15.11.2015

densité sensuelle

lecture of yves schihin; "densité sensuelle", at EPFL, UEB, Lausanne, october 30th, 2015

competition "En Chise" crissier VD

1.prize, november 2015, in collaboration with studio vulkan landscape architects and philippe cabane, client; city of crissier + privat

best architects award 16

housing block "Wohnmäander", Giesshübel, Zürich, 2013


video by burkhalter sumi showing the assembly and disassembly of the timber whale*, a timber prototype developed by high tech timber, showing the potential of wood connecting wood, fotos by heinz ...

competition roofing main station, brig

2.prize, march 2015, in collaboration with Lorenz Eugster landscape architects and Walt Galmarini engineering, client; MG-Bahnen

metropolen aus holz

lecture of yves schihin; "metropolen aus holz", at baumuster-centrale, zürich, january 29th, 2015

the unexpected view

video about the gotthard landscape sublimely revealed and animated with point cloud technology and animated showed at the 14. biennale de venezia

the making of a prototype

video by Eloisa Avila for the exposition of the "high tech timber" workgroup (swiss ingenious), at the embassy of Switzerland, London, november 19th, 2013

details; architecture seen in section

lecture of christian sumi; "construction and tectonic in section", at IUAV, mostra e seminario, ca'tron, venezia, november 24th, 2014

lecture - redensfier la ville verte

lecture of yves schihin; "redensifier la ville verte", at 10e forum bâtir et planifier, epfl lausanne, november 19th, 2014

arc award winner 2014

Hirsehof, zürich, in the category "refurbishment of housing buildings"

study trip 2014 to geneva

from october 24th to 27th, on the annual study trip we'll visit urban housing in geneva with guided tours by bassicarella, d-la, pictet, 3bm3, group8, lrs, franz graf and philipp meier

architekten stellen ihre visionen aus...

article by sda about the architektur0.14 exhibition in the maag halle zürich, in 20minuten, 24.10.14, page 7

architektur 0.14

exibition of the timber prototype "wood connecting wood", a research project in collaboration with the workgroup high tech timer, zürich, october 24th - 28th 2014
a spe ...

lecture - pile up

lecture of yves schihin; "pile up; urbane aufstockung in zürich", at Forum Holz Bau Urban, Köln, october 16th, 2014

Wohnen in der Schokoladenfabrik

article by ch.von büren about the forsanose refurbishment, in "Holz-Zentralbaltt", 02.10.2014, page 977

pile up

video by Eloisa Avila showing the assembly of the timber elements for the pile up Giesshübel

30 jahre busu - eine bestandesaufnahme

online-article by j.keller in the column "getroffen" about the anniversary of 30 years burkhalter sumi, in "swiss-architects", 11.09.2014

der traum vom universellen knoten

the "Konrad-Wachsmann-joint" is exposed in the "Baumuster-Centrale" in Zürich

erfolgreich auf dem holzweg

article by j.zulliger about the renaissance of timberconstruction in the city, in "tagesanzeiger", 03.09.2014, home, page 5

gotthard landscape - the unexpected view

the department of architecture at eth zurich and the academy of architecture in mendrisio aam/usi present the research project

das hotel laudinella ist im wandel

article by f.hofmann about the hotel Laudinella, in "die südostschweiz", 12.06.2014, page 11

raumerfahrungen von burkhalter sumi

article by jtz about the exhibition "sinnliche dichte" in the architektur galerie berlin, in "nzz", 05.06.2013, feuilleton, page 46

architektur galerie berlin

exibition of the recent work of burkhalter sumi in the "architektur galerie berlin", in Berlin, may 16th - jun 28th 2014
vernissage: 15.05.2014, 19h
reception: ulr ...

exhibition Giulio Minoletti

exhibition "Giulio Minoletti - architetto, urbanista e designer (1910-1981)", in galleria dell'academia, mendrisio, curated by christian sumi, annalisa viati navone and the archivio del moderno, aam

lecture - hybrid...

lecture of yves schihin; "hybrid... ein Ganzes aus Teilen die ein Ganzes sind", at BFH "Holzbautag", Biel, may 09th, 2014

fokus hotel

burkhalter sumi presents the awardwinning "rigiblick"-hotel guestroom in the fokus hotel at the intergastra fare in stuttgart, powered by ait and intergastra, 01.-05.02.2014

lecture - hotel und genius loci

lecture of yves schihin; "hotel und genius loci", in the fokus hotel at the intergastra fare, Stuttgart, february 04th, 2014

lecture - outstanding

lecture of yves schihin; "outstanding", in the contract square at the heimtextil fare, Frankfurt, january 9th, 2014

exposition high tech timber

exposition of the "high tech timber" workgroup (swiss ingenious), at the embassy of Switzerland, London, november 19th, 2013

In anspruchsvollem Umfeld gut gebaut

article by h.arnet about awardwinning projects "Weberstrasse" and "Sunnige Hof" in "Tagesanzeiger", 13.11.2013, page 16

Sihlcity ist auch ein guter Bau

article by sho about awardwinning projects "Weberstrasse" and "Sunnige Hof" in "NZZ", 13.11.2013, page 20


2 awardwinning projects at the award ceremony "Gute Bauten im Kanton Zürich": Auszeichnung for "Weberstrasse" and Anerkennung for "Sunnige Hof"

lecture - neues Leben; giesshübel urban pile up

lecture of yves schihin for proholz bayern; zukunftsentwürfe; "neues leben; giesshübel urban pile up", at the Oscar Miller Forum, Munich, september 26th, 2013

Zürcher Bauherren sehen rot, orange, gelb oder grün

article by l.scheurer about colors in the city of zurich, in "tagesanzeiger", 19.06.2013, bellevue, page 20

AIT hotel application award 2013

AIT hotel application award 2013 in the category "best innovative concept" for the Airporthotel Dorint, Opfikon

competition saurer werk 2, arbon

1.prize, juni 2013, in collaboration with rkp landscape architects, client; HRS AG

lecture - urban pile-up

lecture of yves schihin for the lecture series about "wood - renaissance of a construction material", at the Architektur Forum Bern, mai 28th, 2013

competition hotel laudinella, st.moritz

1.prize, mai 2013, in collaboration with André Schmid landscape architects and Makiol+Wiederkehr timber engineering, client; Hotel Laudinella

auf stein gebaut

article by b.gygax about "fluh housing settlement" in "Sonntags Zeitung", 05.05.2013, page 65

giesshübel site inspection

public site inspection of a highly urban densification

competition kleinmattli, walchwil

1.prize, march 2013

competition mättivor, schwyz

2.prize, january 2013, in collaboration with schweingruber zulauf landscape architects

der tatort ist jetzt eine projektleiche

article by p.unternährer about "tatort" in "Tagesanzeiger", 16.01.2013


lecture of christian sumi for the int. students day about Giulio Minoletti "tectonics, space and polychromy", at the politecnico di Milano, december 12th, 2012

urban development

video by Eloisa Avila showing the assembly of the prefabricated concrete elements for the façade of the boarding house Giesshübel


lecture of yves schihin on the international holzbau forum in garmisch-partenkirchen, december 5th, 2012


lecture of christian sumi at the "impulsvorträge über holz", at the vorarlberger architekturinstitut, dornbirn, november 15th, 2012

burkhalter sumi architekten at the 13th Venice Biennale

invitation of San Rocco magazine to participate at the "book of copies"

architektur 0.12

burkhalter sumi at exhibition "werkschau für architektur", maag halle, zürich, october 19th-21th, 2012


lecture of marianne burkhalter on the international symposium in cidade universitaria sao paulo; building with wood in brazil and switzerland, october 8th, 2012

lecture for the exhibition opening

lecture of christian sumi for the exhibition opening of "umsicht-regards-sguardi" in berlin, september 11th, 2012

AW12 award winner

housing tower weberstrasse, winterthur

arc award winner 2012

housing tower weberstrasse, winterthur, in the category "refurbishment of housing buildings"

competition vinea, ennetbaden

2.prize, august 2012, in collaboration with andré schmid landscape architects

best architects award 13

housing settlement Sunnige Hof, Zürich, 2012; laboratory buidling Fluh, Rapperswil, 2012; housing settlement Fluh, Rapperswil, 2012

competition am Rietpark B1, Schlieren

2.prize, july 2012, in collaboration with klötzli friedli landscape architects and BLM

best apprentice of zurich

we congratulate our apprentice pauline jaquenod to her succes and are proud to having trained her for the last four years...

amiamo varese? dialoghi tra architettura e design

tema serata: abitare relatori: burkhalter sumi interviene: T.Bianchi luogo: FAI villa e collezione panza varese data: 27. giugno, 20.30h

donna leon in hotel zürichberg

interview with donna leon in hotel zürichberg, in "Sonntagszeitung" of 20.05.2012, page 24

AIT award 2012

AIT award selection in the category "refurbishment" for the housing tower "weberstrasse" in winterthur

encounter with Gottfried Semper

On 8th of may 2012, 16.30h - 18h in the accademia di architectura: Vittorio Gregotti and Christian Sumi will reflect on their approach to Gottfried Semper, followed by a discussion

runde sachen

article by b.gygax about "housing settlement "sunnige hof" in "Sonntags Zeitung", 29.04.2012, page 63

rezept für durchmischtes wohnen

article by j.keller about the housing settlement "sunnige hof" in "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", 27.04.2012, page 18

prize for sustainable architecture fassa bortolo

honorable mention for "housing tower weberstrasse, winterthur"

competition landolt area, Zürich

2.prize, november 2012, in collaboration with RDA, nicole deiss

sia award umsicht 2011

housing tower weberstrasse, winterthur

competition europaallee baufeld h, Zürich

2.prize, mai 2010, in collaboration with amstein+walthert engineering, schnetzer puskas engineering, andré schmid landscape architects

best architects award 10

office building eiche, luzern

best architects award 10

refurbishment housing tower weberstrasse, winterthur

best architects award 09

villa in erlenbach; housing settlement hanbit, herrliberg; restaurant and bar werd, zürich

ideenpool holz 21

auszeichnung der gesamten tätigkeit für holz, 2007